Who we are

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Well come to Shastalaya Educational Institutions was started in 2009 with the intention of empowering the rural students with vocational education in the field of medicine. Over years, it has grown and given unsurpassed education and influenced young minds from all walks of life.


We believe that the rich learning experience that our programs offer can affect a powerful and positive transformation in individuals, in their communities and we do this in atmosphere of mutual respect, organized collaboration and discipline.


  • Well-equipped classrooms with modern teaching equipments and techniques
  • Hands on and practical training in their field from the day one of their course
  • Safe and secure boarding facilities with canteen for students who seek these facilities

Diversity, cultural and community participation:

We include computer science and language as an integral part of their education. Cultural events are conducted in regular basis to encourage the students and to bring out their talents and also to encourage a well spirited environment. Students are taken for field visit to the local communities and the organizations (orphanages, industries, women group) and also to various health camps and public awareness programmes to encourage their civic responsibility.