Alagappa University

First University in Tamil Nadu to get A+ grade (in May 2017) by NAAC with score of 3.64.

Alagappa University is a public university located in Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, India was founded by Padma Bhusan Vallal Dr.RM.Alagappa Chettiar.

Alagappa University was brought into existence by a special Act of the Tamil Nadu State Government in May 1985.

Alagappa University has the following credentials;

First University in Tamil Nadu to get A+ grade (in May 2017) by NAAC with score of 3.64.

First University in Tamil Nadu to confer Category-I Status (in February 2018) from MHRD-UGC.

First University in Tamil Nadu to get Autonomy Status (in February 2018) from MHRD-UGC. First University in Tamil Nadu eligible to get MHRD-RUSA Phase-Il grant (in June 2018) of Rs.100 Crores for Quality Excellence.

Alagappa University is recognized by the UCC, Government of India. It was converted from a unitary type to an affiliating type by the Tamil Nadu Universities Act, 2002, with a view to widen the horizon of its academic activities by bringing into its jurisdiction the Arts and Science colleges in the districts of Ramanathapuram district and Sivaganga district. Further, as per mentioned Act, the government colleges in the above districts have become the constituent colleges of Alagappa University.

As a member of the All-J and the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), it has rewarding relations with other academic institutions, research laboratories and industrial establishments that promise a spectacular feature. The university's motto is "Excellence in Action."

The University is having International Collaborations with Universities / Institutions of Higher Learning in countries like China, Malaysia, West Indies, U.S.A. and South Korea.


The concept of Collaborative Programmes was emerged into existence in Alagappa University during the year 2001-02. This unique, a socially relevant Collaborative Programmes was generated by introducing need based skill oriented specialized courses through the institutions having adequate physical and academic resources. The essential, quality oriented readiness of physical and academic facilities available in the institutions are assessed by a team of experts and on fulfillment of University requirements, institutions have been recognized to offer non-conventional, job-oriented courses catering to the need of the community.

Till date, 110 institutions have been recognized by Alagappa University for offering Certificate / Diploma, Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses focusing attention on the emerging need based specializations such as Catering, Aeronautical, Fashion, Fire & Safety, Paramedical, Nautical, Arts, Industry, Computer Sciences and Fine Arts.

In accordance with the specializations and in terms Of infrastructure, accommodation, student support service, faculty expertise, institutional tie up with industries for practical exposures, the following courses are offered through Collaborative Programmes.



Students shall have a minimum of 40% of total marks of the University examinations in each subject. The overall passing minimum is 40% both in aggregate of Continuous Internal Assessment and external in each subject. The minimum marks for passing in each theory / Lab course shall be 40% of the marks prescribed for the paper / lab. A candidate who secures 40% or more marks but less than 50% of the aggregate marks prescribed for four years taken together, shall be awarded THIRD CLASS. A candidate who secures 40% or more marks but less than 60% of the aggregate marks prescribed for four years taken together, shall be awarded SECOND CLASS. A candidate who secures 60% or more of the aggregate marks prescribed for four years taken together, shall be awarded FIRST CLASS. Only Part-Ill subjects were considered for the ranking. The Practical / Project shall be assessed by the two examiners, by an internal examiner and an external examiner.


Continuous Internal Assessment for each paper shall be by means of Written Tests, Assignments, Class tests and Seminars. 25 marks allotted for the Continuous Internal assessment is distributed for Written Test, Assignment, Class test and Seminars. Two Internal Tests of 2 hours duration may be conducted during the semester for each course / subject and the best marks may be considered and one Model Examination will be conducted at the end of the semester prior to University examination. Students may be asked to submit at least five assignments in each subject. They should also participate in Seminars conducted for each subject and marks allocated accordingly. Conduct of the continuous internal assessment shall be the responsibility of the concerned faculty. The continuous internal assessment marks are to be submitted to the University at the end of every year. The valued answer papers/assignments should be given to the students after the valuation is over and they should be asked to check up and satisfy themselves about the marks they have scored. All mark lists and other records connected with the continuous internal assessments should be in the safe custody of the institution for at least one year after the assessment.


Candidate must complete course duration to appear for the university examination. Examination will be conducted with concurrence of Controller of Examinations as per the Alagappa University regulations. University may send the representatives as the observer during examinations. University Examination will be held at the end of each semester for duration of 3 hours for each subject. Certificate will be issued as per the AU regulations. Hall ticket will be issued to the 1st year candidates and upon submission of the list of enrolled students along with the prescribed course fee subsequent 2nd, 3rd and 4th year hall tickets will be issued.

Alagappa University Courses Offered

PG Courses

MBA Health Services Managements (2Yrs) MSW Master of Social Works in Mental Health (2Yrs)

UG Courses

BSc., Optometry (3Yrs) BSc., Nutirtion & Dietitian (3Yrs)

Attendance Rules

This is an information you that Shastalaya Educational Institute & Sowmiya Hospital, Karamadai, Coimbatore has framed the following guidelines with respect to students attendance requirements.

A student shall be eligible to appear for University examinations if acquires a minimum of 85% of attendance in aggregate of all the subjects.

Shortage of attendance in aggregate up to 10% (75% and above & below 85%) in each semester may be granted on genuine grounds as neither He/She submit the medical certificate immediately at the time of attending the classes after recovering from illness or A stipulated fee (Rs 1000/-) shall be payable towards the Shortage of attendance as per the advice of the College Academic Committee.

A student will not be promoted to appear the examination unless He/She satisfies the attendance requirement Of the present semester, as applicable. They may seek supplementary exam for that semester when offered next.

Shortage of attendance below 75% in aggregate shall in NO case be condoned.

Those students who avail leave must bring their leave letter duly signed by their parents / Guardian with reason on the following day.

Working Hours

The regular working hours is 8 hours from Monday to Saturday (However, the students may be called on Sunday for extra lectures, guest lectures, workshops, camp programs or any other associated academic activities in the Institute.

Mobile Phone & Dress Code

Mobile Phone in the college campus is strictly prohibited. The defaulters will find Rs.1000/- or their mobile phones may be confiscated.

Student shall use mobile phone only in hostel for the duration defined by hostel warden/staff.

Institution shall not hold any responsibility for loss/damage of mobile phone.

Institution shall not hold any responsibility against any accident(including cybercrime) that occurs due to usage of mobile phone.

The students are strictly directed to follow the dress code as prescribed by the college authorities. The dress whom shall always be clean, sober and dignified. Women students should observe strict modesty in dress and manner

All the students must wear the Identity tag inside the campus.

College Property& Other

The college property is a sacred trust. The Students shall not disfigure the walls, windows or furniture by writing on them or drawing pictures or sticking bills in any form is strictly prohibited.

The students must not invite any outsider to visit the college, without the permission of the Principal. Students should make best utilization of their free time by visiting library regularly. All the students must check the notice board daily.

Students has not the permission to enter the vehicle inside the campus Ensure that cleanliness is there inside the class room and premise Students shall greet their teachers on the occasion of their first meeting with in the college.

Students shall rise from their seat when a teacher enters and shall take seats only, after he/she has taken his /her seat or bacons them to sit.

Students shall not loiter through the corridors or along the varandhas during class hours

No notice or petition of any kind shall be circulated among the students or pasted on the notice board or anywhere within the college premises. Students are not allowed to organize or attend any meeting in the college or collect money for any purpose without the written permission of the principal.

Powers to modify the regulation - the board of studies and the management reserves the right to alter/ delete/ add to any of the regulations during the course of study as circumstances may warrant from time to time and to implement them at such date or may be notified for the purpose, in order to maintain academic excellence of the students.